Friday, November 2, 2007

Are professional athletes good role models ? ( outline )

Intro paragraph :

  1. Topic sentence
  2. Briefly explain about role models and athletes.
  3. Thesis statement :
  • Although athletes show a lot of good characteristic for everyone such as competitive, hard work and fair play, in my opinion, athletes are not good role models because they have a lot of bad behaviour such as using drugs, breaking the laws, violent harassment, and if the youth try to be like them sport stars, they'll just focus on practicing sport, but not paying attention on their education.

Body paragraph :

Pro :

  1. Topic sentence :
  • Some people think that athletes are good role models for their youth because when watching them play sport, youth will learn their values such as competitive, faiplay and harwork.
  • supporting idea :
  • They're famous and admired not only for their ability for playing sport, but also their great values.
  • Fan will see athlete's values, they'll respect and try to follow them, which will help people become better in life.
  • Ex: Youth become more competitive,they want to be better than others, they work harder,....
  • Showing fair play + sportmanship to other people
  • Try to do their best at any events
  • ......
  • Conclusion sentence.

Con :

  1. Topic sentence: eventhough athletes have a lot of great values such as hard work, fairplay, they also have a lot of bad values such as bad behaviour, breaking the laws, using drugs.
  • Athletes are public person, they're watched by everyone, but a lot of them get in trouble with DUI, drugs using, sexual assault...
  • There're a lot of scandal of professional athletes such as Kobe Bryant, Mike Tyson, Michael Vick...
  • It affects everyone, their fans, and especially young people.
  • Conclusion sentence.

2. Topic sentence : In addition, if young people and student try to be like their athletes star, they will just focus on playing sport, and leave education aside, which is never a good idea to do.

  • They think sport will bring success to them, so they won't pay attention on their study.
  • A lot of athletes have not even finished school or college, which make kids think that they don't need to go to college.
  • When kids look at athletes , they see athletes makes more money than doctors, lawyer, even the president. So they just want to be an athletes.
  • Athletes are paid millions USD/ year, while firefighter are paid so little to save a life !
  • Conclusion sentence.

3. Summary :

  • Giving conclusion of the idea.
  • Showing how to solve the problem

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